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First Place Mini Shorts

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Mini shorts are a must-have for girls that love to be active. You need something light and comfortable that won’t slow you down. Our First Place Mini Shorts provide just that. They fit your body perfectly to handle any physical activity that comes your way. The wide waistline sits perfectly on the hips and holds in place, even during the most intense workout routines. They’re the ideal length to give you plenty of room to breathe and move around. Our extra elastic design is made to keep up with your body and won’t wear down over time. You can also avoid those pesky snags with our ultra-smooth seams. Plus, the super cute design with the pink stripe on the top complements the light and breezy look. Get ready for your next match with these classic mini shorts. You’ll come in first place every time. 

Function: School, yoga, gymnastics, dance etc!
Fit: Tight fit so she can focus on her moves and not her clothing moving
Rise: Medium


Size Chart